Mission and Vision

The Vision As Pastor, called by God into ministry and confirmed by local congregations and pastors whereby I was discipled and raised up, I have been given a vision to fulfill God’s purpose in the International Body of Christ. Ephesians 4:8-12 states, “He gave gifts unto men for the perfecting of the saints and edifying of the Body of Christ…”

What I am doing is clearly writing the vision for this ministry so the members and partners will know it, and it will be established in their hearts. With understanding and purpose, we will all fulfill the charge that God has given us.

The vision that God has given us, is to first teach and develop a “more than conquerors” mentality in the members, who in turn teach it to others as the congregation grows. Secondly, God has given us a specific geographic area. Our plans are to provide a spiritual, social, and economic structure to that area, so we will be able to meet the needs of the whole man. The vision consists of a great sanctuary, Family & Youth Life Centers, Business Growth Facilities, International Orphan Homes, Widow Housing, Adult School, Homeless Drop-In Centers, Healing Rooms open to public 6 days a week and an Accredited Bible School, and much more.

Habakkuk, whose name means “Embracer”, was instructed to write the vision so all who read it would know that the answer to all of their problems was in the vision. We embrace the Word that the Lord has given us and we are acting on His Word. The Vision is the Answer! Proverbs 29:18 states very clearly that without a vision, there is no success because, “. . . the people will perish.”

Isaiah 46:10 reads, “Declaring the end from the beginning . . . ” Our job is to clearly explain the purpose, goals, objectives, strategies, and plan of action, to successfully bring forth The Vision. Without goals, progress is haphazard, uncharted, and difficult to measure in accountability. Purpose and motivation are fed by goals. Objectives equal direction and will help us to see where we are going. They are essential to the goals, and consistent with the purpose and vision of the ministry.

Years ago, God showed me where he was taking my life. He said, “Go and teach my people the power of God and tremendous destiny that they have within them.” This ministry will have to develop a spirit and mentality of victory and authority on the inside, and learn how faith comes, how faith grows, and how faith operates. It is the members’ responsibility to teach others as they come so they will have the same spirit of victory that comes through faith. Without faith, it is impossible to please God.

God is successful! Thus, it is God’s plan for this Ministry to be successful. It is God’s nature to succeed. We are created to succeed in everything we set our hands to do. Joshua 1:8 states, “then we shall make our way prosperous, and then we shall have good success,” but this is contingent upon us keeping God’s Word, following His instructions, and adhering to His divine principles. One major divine principle in God’s Word is that we must have faith. It is God’s Will that we know that this is what He requires of us.

Before we can do anything, we must first know that God is the rewarder of those who diligently seek him in faith. Jesus instructed us to occupy (to do business) until He comes. We are about our Father’s business, but in order to see people born again and made disciples we must first have and consistently operate in faith.

Planning is vitally important to bringing forth the vision of God. It has been said that he who fails to plan, plans to fail. Every member and partner must continually seek God and plan on how they will utilize all their God given resources (time, talent and treasure) in order to build up every part of this, their church.

Now, there must be a strategy in this plan. “How am I going to commit my resources in my church?” God’s answer to this question is your strategy. Hallelujah! But remember this: Seek God to determine where to commit your resources, because “Everyone Is Needed and Everyone Is Important!”

I Corinthians 12:14 reads, “For the body is not one, but many.” So it is, that there are many parts but one Body. As Pastor of this ministry, God has made me the head, but the head is ineffective without the hands, feet, legs, arms, and other parts. Everyone is important in bringing the goals, objectives, and vision to pass. We must organize to have proper management in the executing of the vision that God has given to “US.”

We must begin to organize everything!! Organization is God’s first principle. Before He gave His best, He organized. If we want to be God’s best we must organize. Organization is a social system, deliberately established to carry out some definite purposes. The organization assigns a position to each of its members, and the member has a specific part to play in the organization’s collective program. The church is not an organization, but it is an organism (alive!!). This organism must be an organized-organism.