Take God’s Daily Healing Medicine to experience Healing and Continued Health in your body, mind and emotions. Share with anyone who is sick or experiencing any type of disease or pain. 
“By the stripes of Jesus, we WERE healed!” 


Get YOUR Miracle God’s Word says, “Lay hands on the sick, and they SHALL recover”. Manifested Kingdom of Heaven Assembly believes in and sees on a regular basis REAL healings and miracles happen in front of our eyes. If you need a physical,emotional or spiritual healing this is the church you need to come to. HEALINGS and MIRACLES follow us everywhere we go!

We are so blessed that our visionary, Pastor Tony Bell, has a very powerful anointing and gift of ministering supernatural miracle healing. We challenge you to bring EVERY sick person you can to our Miracle Celebration Services on Sundays at 11am so they can receive a miracle from God.

Manifested Kingdom of Heaven Assembly has also been called “The Jobs Church” because there hasn’t been anyone who has ever started coming faithfully to our services and requested prayer for employment who hasn’t been blessed with a good job within a matter of a couple months.

God TRULY performs the supernatural in our midst everytime we meet. Receive your miracle by joining us in one of our Miracle Celebration Sunday Services!