In May 2006, World Harvest Faith Center International opened it’s doors to the public. With a huge vision, and a dedicated Pastor, the birthing of a first of it’s kind Inclusive Word of Faith church commenced. An Inclusive Word of Faith ministry placed within the heart of Southern California, World Harvest Faith Center International would eventually develop into a multi-campus ministry expanding beyond the borders of the Los Angeles area, but into the nations of the earth.

World Harvest Faith Center International has been called by God Almighty to be a multi-campus, multi-racial, multi-ethnic and multi-dimensional ministry aggressively taking this message of the Inclusive Word of Faith into every continent of the earth.

This mandate to build people of purpose, praise and prosperity was launched in 2006, and since then has expanded into a tangible presence of God’s demonstration of miracles, signs and wonders. Since 2006, we have seen hundreds of people physically healed in front of our own eyes, hundreds of souls receive Jesus as their Lord in our outreaches and services, and hundreds of hungry mouths fed through our homeless feeding programs.

The church originally started in Torrance, California as the Lord opened the door for that ministry to start. In 2007, we were able to see a glimpse of the manifestation of the multi-campus mandate happen as we launched the Riverside campus of World Harvest Faith Center, as we had moved our Los Angeles service to the city of Carson, California.

During that season, Pastor Tony was able to anoint and send out two pastors who would start preparing their ministries in their respective cities. Part of our assignment was to feed literally hundreds of families in the Riverside and Corona areas through our Angel Food Ministries program. At this time, we also opened our Member Services offices in the Riverside area which was available to the public five days a week. It provided free vocational training and experience to low income individuals through our Millionaire’s Program. This program assisted many ladies who were trying to reform their lives by providing them with spiritual and education assistance.

In 2008, the weekly radio broadcast ‘Enjoying Life through Faith’ started, and entered thousands of homes each week in the Inland Empire, spreading the good news of the Inclusive Word of Faith, and the power of God available to all believers, not just a select few.

In 2009, World Harvest Faith Center International opened it’s first Women’s Transitional Living Home in the city of Corona, California. Those received into this program were taken off the streets, provided vocational training and assisted them in finding work. This was an extremely successful venture which aided every single participant to find employment.

In 2010, The Treasure Chest Thrift Store was opened in the city of Long Beach. The ministry opened this in order to provide community Senior Citizens who were living below the poverty level with part time employment, job search assistance and vocational training. This was also a difference maker in the city of Long Beach, as we assisted more than twenty seniors to receive work assistance training and help.

At the end of 2010, the church moved into it’s Jackie Robinson Academy location, where through a partnership with the Long Beach Unified School District, it was able to have direct access to the hundreds of at risk families, and assist many of them in finding employment. During this time, World Harvest Faith Center International was dubbed “The Jobs Church”. It was given this name because the yoke of poverty had evidently been broken off the lives of every single person who started attending the ministry who didn’t have a job. Miraculously reports of people getting jobs started happening almost every week, and it hasn’t stopped yet.

Demons were cast out, Sick were healed, Jobs were received, Souls received salvation and this continued for over a year and a half at that location.

At the end of 2011, the ministry training program availed itself to those across the earth, as those requests came from other nations for it, the World Harvest Online School of Ministry became available to the public. This ministry and theology training resource became a useful tool for those outside of the Long Beach area, as the global mandate of raising up future pastors, evangelists, missionaries, lay leaders and those desiring more of God permitted members and partners to receive all of this for free. From India to Uganda to countries in Europe to both coasts of America, the ministry influence of this dedicated and faith-filled group of believers has exploded.

In 2014 Pastor went to the Philippines expanding the ministry outreach there, as we partnered with a local ministry there to touch lives. After returning from the Philippines, the Lord directed Pastor Tony to transition the ministry to it’s current location in the city of Carson where we have been ministering to a diverse group of people, from Asian to Black to Latino to White, and all in between, we are reaching many people with the love of Jesus in the Southbay!

We are quickly reaching more people and increasing in the manifestation of The Vision. Join Us Sundays at 11am at World Harvest Faith Center International. Come be a part of HISTORY IN THE MAKING…..